Art Black (lederhosen) wrote in dot_book_snark,
Art Black

Rupture The Hymen Of Midnight

This seems kinda appropriate for a community's first post. If you're not at work, try reading the first paragraph from Blood and Roses (Creation Press) aloud:

The vampire - perfect incarnation of Eros and Thanatos, whose coming ruptures the hymen of midnight, corrupts the virtuous virgin and de-enlightens the sexual morals; illuminating the eclipsed subconscious, and embodying archetypes of the sexual imagination. A vampire's spectre augurs erotic deliria: carnal debilitation, auto-erogenous metempsychosis, fetishism and lesbianism, necrophiliac dementia, auto-symbolic incest, masturbation. As the Shadow's avatar, the vampire represents the anima or animus of manifest desire and dread, born of the right side of the brain; opening the body's blood-gates, flooding the repressed psyche with wonder and disgust.

The rest of the book is a collection of vampire fiction, most of it pretty good out-of-copyright stuff (excerpts from Carmilla, etc). But the introduction... sweet God, it makes the eyes bleed. It goes on like that for another twenty pages of "I've got a shiny new thesaurus and you haven't!"

For true masochists, more of it here.
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